Sunday, 22 April 2007

Stuff I have made

Trying not to spend so much cash and i was alone, I made steak with potatos as well as spinach and was yumm, i oven roasted garlic so they came out so sweet yum!

I then made pastries with bolognese sauce and salad yummm...

Wednesday, 28 March 2007

ahhh I have been very lazy

I have been eating so much and going out to dinner however have been so caught up in the good time I havent taken any photos oops :(

I must say I went to lunch with Tammy to Le Renaissance at the Rocks, my god this place is good! I had a Beef, Mushroom and Leek pie with salad while Tammy had the Beef in Burgandy Pie with salad then we shared a Cezanne and Mille Feuilles, I loved the Mille Feuille which was: -
Layers of delicate puff pastryand vanilla crème pâtissière, dusted withicing sugar
The Cezzane was a Chestnut mousse which was good but not as good as the previous.

Then we went shopping which consisted of myself purchasing a top for my new job (of which totally broke my budget) as well as a jacket and a CD (gotta love specials).
After a giant load of money been given to various retail stores Tammy and I decided on dinner at Dining Bar Musashi- Japanese

I had the agedashi Tofu and Wagyu Beef with rice whilst tammy had the Takoyaki and Salmon Sashimi and we both share Edameme and both had a Japanese cocktail which was delicious. The service was super fast we were in and out in less than an hr!
I want to go back again

On Thursday with mine, Hamish and Chris farewell we went to Kingsleys Steakhouse on Lime St.

What can I say? I expected alot, the waitress was nice....but overall it was a disappointment but lets start at the beginning.

I ordered the Duck Ravioli for Entree, this I must say was delicious!

But that was the only thing that went right for me I ordered a Rare steak which i always order and got a Medium which while soft, tasted like charcoal, of course people who had their meals delivered the way they want would say 'oh whats wrong...'trying to make it not a big deal but its these people that would crack the biggest shit if it were them that did not get what they ordered. Lulu on the right got the Steak Diane that Peta ordered and Peta got the Petite fillet that Lulu ordered and as both were in unknown territory didnt realise until half way when they each looked at their meals. Sids steak was evidently rare when he had ordered medium, my boss got chips instead of the baked potato.

I must say though, the garlic mushrooms were delicious!

When I called the waitress to tell her my steak was medium instead of rare she told me that it was rare (my steak was cooked right through) and when i compared it to someone elses so show what rare was she told me if i wanted a new steak it would take another 20 mins! She offered a free wine but really i had wine and I wasnt paying so i didnt care about wine i wanted a steak! I was over it by then though.

I ordered a creme brulee for dessert, it was ok...

I have been left with a bitter taste in my mouth due to my experience at Kingsleys ...

Sunday, 18 March 2007

Hearty Breakfast

With the drinking episodes I have had since Wednesday (new job soon woohooo) i decided to make a delicious breakfast and enjoy my Sunday (ok I have to clean this messy flat and get off the Internet but anyway).

I decided on making a chorizo, toamto, egg concoction in my pan.
In this order I popped in my pan chopped onion, sliced chorizo, garlic, canned tomato, oregano, smoked praprika then let it cook for 15 minutes so the sauce became thick and rich. I then took the pan off the heat and cracked 4 organic eggs in each section of the pan and returned to the heat. When the whites became slightly opaque I covered with a lid. When cooked through i grated some parmesan and put a couple of droped of tobasco on each yolk... YUMMMMM

Served it up with some rocket which i coated in mustard seed oil and red wine vinegar and mixed grain bread (it was all i had).

So good ive had 2 serves and might have more right now

Good bye!

Fiesta on Oxford

Since Nattie had come back for around 5 weeks before heading to the UK to work and play as well as everyone being free I organised for 15 of us to get together at Fiesta on Oxford for some Ol' School Mexican!

Fiesta on Oxford is a small Restaurant in Bondi Junction with festive Pinatas hanging from the ceiling and a wide variety of Latin Amenrican music blasting from the stereo which is great as I am a fan of theme music.

With a wide Variety of Delicious Mexican it was hard for me to decide what I want, I wanted it all finally decided on 3 in 1 dips shared amongst 6 of us and then my main being the combination Chimichanga (with shredded beef) and Texas Taco (bean).

three in one dips

Oh you cant see my taco!

Vis' Fajitas

Eddies Combination Enchilada and Taquitos

As I had pigged out on the dips when my main arrived I was full :( I tried to eat as much as I can however not as much as I would have liked, plus I filled up on wine and sangria!

While I was full theres always room for dessert where I decided on Chocolate Mousse with Whipped cream, god i love whip cream.

Had a great time at the festive Fiesta on Oxford, maybe next time I wont book such a big group of people, you dont get to speak to everyone as much as you would like.

Fiesta on Oxford
306 Oxford Street
Bondi Junction

Im Angus

Caught up with Tammy again which was basolutely fantastic I know when I see her that we will have a good time full of eating, drinking and laughter.

I actually made a booking for Essence and had made a booking but seriously having been there before (and stumbling it on it actually) we thought it would be easy to find....we were wrong, we walked back and forth 3 times and couldnt find the damn place! So as I really wanted a steak, we ended up at I'm Angus.

Although being very busy and packed we got a good table inside which I really wanted as it was so hot and humid on Friday.

We quickly ordered our mains (both Fillet Mignons mine Rare Tammy's Medium to well) as well as a green salad.
The Fillet Mignons obviously Chargrilled steak wrapped in bacon has a side of Garlic Potatos and Onion Marmelade. My steak arrived promptly and was absolutely perfect, red inside, soft and tender - delicious.

Also ordered a bottle of Tatachilla 'McLaren Vale' Cab Sav that went down so well!

For Dessert Tammy and I both ordered one dessert each but obviously shared both desserts with spoons hacking into all possible areas. Seeing Creme Brulee (my absolute fave) this had to be my order in further detail my Creme Brulee was a Mixed Berry version with a brandy Snap Crisp, Tammy on the other hand has a Chocolate Temptation with Vanilla Ice Cream. Thoughts? Tammys Chocolate Tempatation was delicious, my Creme Brulee did not have enough of the caremal top so when I cracked it I realised there was onle a layer in the middle and the berries inside the custard were giving the custard a weird colour....(I dont like fruit that much...ok my friends who read this would say not at all)

Overall the service was great although the waiter thought I was a critic and wouldnt let go of that even though I kept sayibng I wasnt and that this was a personal thing, I also think he was trying to pick up my friend. In addition to this that table next to us which had two guys made a comment about how we could eat desserts and keep our trim figure althought he mustn't have seen me from the cheast down and then decided to join our 'Cheers'

The Promenade - Cockle Bay Wharf Sydney - NSW / 2000
Australia Reservations T (02) 9264 5822

Newtown Thai III

Want a cheap fast filling satisfying meal on a weekday with only an hour to spare in the CBD??? Newtown Thai III is your answer. Knowing what Newtown Thai I and II have brought us meant that we were not afraid to jump right on board the Thai III bus and boy was I happy with that. Met up with rod at Wynyard station and hopped on for one stop to TownHall (how convenient). Took a while to make my decision but the speed of which we got our meals is pretty amazing. Both Rod and I got Chilli Basil mine with Chicken his with Tofu and Vegies.

If I wasnt going to a new Job soon that is too far to get to the Pavillion I would be here every week!

Oh did I mention its $6!!! and huge!

Newtown Thai III @ the Pavillion
George St

Monday, 5 March 2007

yummmm Steak Sandwich

look at my steak roll! yummm
Sliced Seasoned rare steak, onions, cos lettuce, mustard and cheese...(the only things left in the fridge lol) but so delicious!!!